Program Partner Profiles

Access North (Bogart)

Newmarket, ON

We shop for healthy foods weekly and serve breakfast and snacks to the students daily. We provide 3 food groups for breakfast. We provide 2 food groups for snack. The students help partake in setting up and clearing the dishes. Also they do dishes daily.

Simcoe Street Public School

Niagara Falls, ON

We run a large breakfast / snack program that the majority of our students access on a regular basis.

Education Foundation Of Niagara

St. Catharines, ON

We receive an average of 2-3 requests per week just to subsidize our independent students. Living out of home leaves them with little available funds to pay for food and nutrition needs after rent and utilities are paid.

Applewood Public School

St. Catharines, ON

We continually see a growing need to support hunger in our schools. Often the families are shy to step up and ask for support but the snack container or lunch bag is missing and or the supply of food was eaten way before the first nutrition break.

Valley Park Middle School

Toronto, ON

Valley Park Middle School has a very diverse group of students- many who are new immigrants to Canada. Middle School is a very vulnerable time for kids in the high-density neighbourhood of Flemington Park and it is really important to keep them safe after school.

D A Morrison Middle School

Toronto, ON

This new program has been extremely well received by the students. Many of the families are single-parent families who work long hours and find it difficult to make ends meet.

Smithfield Middle School

Etobicoke, ON

Students at Smithfield Middle School in Jamestown live in difficult circumstances and far too often do not get enough healthy food to eat. After a long day at school- the kids are hungry. By providing a mini-meal we help them focus on homework.

Dr. Marion Hilliard SR. P.S.

Toronto, ON

Students at Dr. Marion Hilliard Sr. PS are facing challenges beyond their years. Located in the Malvern community too many face the external pressures of gangs and violence. This program gives them somewhere safe to be and a nutritious meal.

Bliss Carman Milddle School

Toronto, ON

Students at Bliss Carman Middle School live with many stresses that stem from poverty and immigration and violence. Our program provides a safe and welcoming place where students learn to cook and get a healthy meal after school.

Silverthorn Community School

Toronto, ON

Silverthorn Community School serves a diverse population of families- most who live below the poverty line. By teaching these young teenagers about healthy food- teaching them to cook and providing food we are hoping to help them break the cycle of pover