Child Profiles


Jessica's an ambitious little girl.  Her two older siblings are taller and faster than her, but she always tries to race home and get there first after school.  Although she never wins that race, her mom always greets her at the door with a big hug and lots of kisses and tells her she's growing up fast and strong!  Jessica's family is full of love, but short on food.

Recently, Jessica's teacher observed that Jessica was starting to fall asleep in class almost every day around 1:30.  Her teacher was concerned; She knew Jessica's family was struggling but now she suspected things at home were getting pretty bad.

Jessica's school partners with Show Kids You Care to provide a "Grab & Go" food program.  Kids like Jessica are encouraged to walk by the "Grab & Go" food bin at lunch and recess to grab a snack when they haven't brought enough food from home.  Jessica loves the opportunity to pick her favourite fruit from the bin.  She always says "thank you" to the volunteers who prepare the bins.




You: Your Privacy

Privacy Policy

Show Kids You Care promises that we will follow the ten principles of privacy as outlined according to the Privacy Commissioner of Canada.

The ten principles are:

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2.  Identifying Purpose: We collect personal information so that we can mail gift acknowledgements to donors. Throughout the year we also send regular mailings and updates to individual and corporate donors. We occasionally trade a donor’s name and address with other organizations. All donors are given the option to be removed from our trade list before we ever trade their name and address information.

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Me: Kristy Taylor’s Story

When I was a kid my family went through a series of tragic events that made us temporarily experience poverty first-hand.  As a kid I felt pretty hopeless as I imagined the weight of the world was on my shoulders.  It was a scary and difficult time in my family history.

The greatest things that helped me get through the tough times were the people who believed in me, and in my family.  I think of those people as ‘my special angels’.  They generously let us sleep in their basements.  They gave us money to buy winter boots.  They dropped off hampers full of food (sometimes even really nice food – like huge bricks of cheese and fresh fruit).  Their actions told us we were valuable – that things would get better – and that they believed in us.

Food banks weren’t available where we lived and school breakfast didn’t exist. So I told my teacher that I forgot my lunch - day after day - and I felt very alone. This personal experience is what inspires me to do what I do for hungry kids in communities all across Canada.”



Us: Show Kids You Care

Show Kids You Care leads a national network of meal programs for kids living in poverty and other difficult situations in Canada.  The programs are run by teachers, community workers, parents and other volunteers who get up each morning to bring and serve nutritious breakfast, lunch and even after school snacks to hungry kids. 

We raise money from compassionate Canadians and companies and help fund the cost of food and equipment needed to store and serve these meals. We also work to educate the public about child hunger issues and the need for a national meal program. Currently we partner with more than 700 programs across Canada feeding almost 150,000 children each and every week. Our goal is to increase that to 250,000 kids.