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Food Security, Do you know what it means?

Tomorrow we will be meeting with Food Secure Canada to see how we can work together to change governments’ policies in Canada to make sure that kids living in poverty and other difficult situations in Canada can have access to nutritious food each day.

The conversation has the possibility...

Looooong weekend plans?

Personally, I love this long weekend coming up.  It gives me a chance to get out in the garden, see what’s popping up, enjoy some fresh air, spend more time with my kids… it’s usually a lovely weekend that I start to get excited about in February!

Professionally, this weekend is...

A day in the life… (okay, more appropriately, this should be called “a week in the life”)

Every week our office team spends some time at a breakfast club or a lunch program.  It’s always an “inspiring” experience. 

I say ‘inspiring” because we almost always change something about the way we work, the way we communicate, the way we form partnerships, etc. because of...

Thank you Hendrix Restaurant Supply!

Today I want to acknowledge the incredible generosity of Hendrix Restaurant Supply. 

They have helped one of our program partners learn the basics (like what size cutting board is really necessary for a community kitchen, vs. what size sink they have to actually wash that cutting...

Summer Volunteers - make a difference

We're putting out the call!


If you want to volunteer for a great cause this summer, please contact us and we will hook you up!

Kids need our help during the summer even more than they do during the school year.  This is an opportunity to make a huge...