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A boy named Tom...

I wish you could see the smiles on the faces of the kids when they walk in the door of their breakfast or lunch programs, they smell the good food, they are welcomed by the volunteers, and they see someone from their class.  Their day is off to a good start.

Their smiles are...

Community Development

Canada’s strength is only as good as the strength of our communities.  If we neglect our communities, we will fail. If we walk blindly past the hurts and needs in our communities, we will exasperate the problems....

Kids' Favourite foods?

Here are some of our program partners most popular menu items:


- oatmeal

- eggs

- fruits

Morning Snacks:

- fruit on a kabob

- cheese and crackers

- yogurt



Food Freedom Day? Really? Or just a nice idea?

Ever heard of “Food Freedom Day”? ...

Are you sovereign over your food?

What is food sovereignty, and does it matter to hungry kids?