Where there's poverty, there's hunger. 15% of kids in Canada go hungry every day

I want to tell you a story about a boy named Steven.  He was trying out for track and field, and he was doing a really good job.  As the tryouts ended and everyone was walking back in to the school, a teacher noticed that Steven wasn’t with the group.  He stayed behind a bit, then headed over to the school’s dumpster – he looked around – made sure no one was watching – then he pulled a sandwich out of the dumpster.

When the teacher noticed that Steven was doing she yelled to him, “Steven, what are you doing?”
He said, “I’m so hungry; we don’t have a lot of food at home.  Do you think anyone would mind if I ate this sandwich?”

The teacher was heartbroken.  She knew some of the kids in her school were struggling with not having enough food at home.  But she had no idea that kids she worked with every day were so hungry they were hoping to find food in the school’s dumpster. 

To find out more about how SKYC is making a difference for kids like Steven, and our plans for helping a lot more kids like Steven in the future, and to keep reading this blog, please click here and keep reading.

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