Food Freedom Day? Really? Or just a nice idea?

Ever heard of “Food Freedom Day”?  Do you wonder what it is?  According to the Canadian Federation of Agriculture, Food Freedom Day in Canada was celebrated on February 6, 2015.  Apparently that day represents the day when the average Canadian will have earned enough income to pay for his or her groceries for the year.

My understanding is that Food Freedom Day would occur on February 6 only represent true freedom if the average Canadian had no other expenses from January 1 – February 6. 

I don’t know anyone who only ever has to pay for groceries for 5 weeks…

This is beginning to sound like I’m cynical about the Canadian Federation of Agriculture’s celebration of Food Freedom Day – I’m not.  I’m glad that they’re counting and analyzing things like this.  It’s important to measure and track things that are of significance. 

At Show Kids You Care, we measure and track the number of meals we’re able to provide to hungry kids each week.  We measure and track the number of volunteers and the hours they spend making sure that your donations are turned into nutritious and delicious meals. We measure and track the stories that our program partners tell us about the significance of their programs in their communities.

Milton Friedman once wrote, “One of the great mistakes is to judge policies and programs by their intentions rather than their results.”

So while I applaud the Canadian Federation of Agriculture for celebrating the idea of Food Freedom, it is well intended, but it has not occurred for anyone I know – and certainly not for the kids we serve each day.

Food Freedom for the kids we serve is represented more accurately, I believe, by not having to worry about their next meal – what it will cost, who will provide it, if they will have to share it or skip it entirely.

Your donations are needed to help provide our version of Food Freedom for kids all across this country.  Please don’t hesitate to donate, and make food freedom a reality, something that kids actually experience, today.

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