Community Development

Canada’s strength is only as good as the strength of our communities.  If we neglect our communities, we will fail. If we walk blindly past the hurts and needs in our communities, we will exasperate the problems.  If we disconnect ourselves from people who are lonely or struggling in our communities, we will find ourselves on isolated islands of self-importance.

It is time we exhaled, took our blinders off, prepare to engage our hearts, minds, and lives with the people with whom we live in community.


Kids who live in poverty in Canada are often ashamed, afraid, isolated, embarrassed…the list unfortunately goes on.  Their community shrinks each time they have to miss a meal.  Their willingness to connect with people diminishes each time they sit alone in a classroom without any food for lunch.  The feelings of loneliness, fear, isolation, and a simple lack of food can leave a kid desperate for attention.  So desperate they make bad decisions.  They begin to bully.  They begin to act aggressively towards their peers.  They become a ‘problem’ kid in their class.  They begin to wreck their community.


But, a child who is shown compassion, is mentored, has a safe place to hang out with caring volunteers, and a child who can have a nutritious meal when there is none to be had at home, begins to feel value.  He begins to make friends.  He begins to excel in school.  His future begins to look brighter.  And, his belly is full.

It’s a simple thing we do here at Show Kids You Care.  Providing food to kids living in poverty and other difficult situations in Canada isn’t rocket science.  But its community building.  Stronger communities develop a stronger nation.  Oh Canada, let’s feed our kids. Let’s mandate and fund it.  Let’s Show Kids You Care.

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