A boy named Tom...

I wish you could see the smiles on the faces of the kids when they walk in the door of their breakfast or lunch programs, they smell the good food, they are welcomed by the volunteers, and they see someone from their class.  Their day is off to a good start.

Their smiles are beautiful.  The gratitude in their hearts beams through their smiling faces. It’s almost as if we can see that they feel loved, cared for, safe, and part of a supportive community.

Thank you for helping provide the money we need to buy the groceries to run these programs.  Every meal counts to every single kid we help.

I want to share a story of one particular boy who is being helped by your donations.  I’ll call him “Tom”.  Tom is a grade 2 student from a very troubled home.  He also has minor learning difficulties. He always seemed to be getting in trouble.  He couldn’t focus in class – he was very disruptive.   After a while, we discovered Tom wasn’t getting breakfast in the morning. 

By 9:30 every day he was too hungry to think of anything else.  Tom had many other issues, but once we met his need for food with the breakfast program we were able to deal with the academics and now it is as though he is a different child experiencing success in many areas of school life.

Thank you for showing kids (like Tom) that you care – it changes everything for them! 

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