George Stroumboulopoulos highlights poverty in Canada

Huge thanks to George Stroumbo for bringing long-overdue attention to the hidden realities of poverty in Canada! Kudos to you George!

On October 17th Geroge posted a list of 10 things people probably don't know about poverty in Canada. Here are a few items from his list:

#8: Child poverty is high in Canada.

#5: Poverty can shorten your life!

#1: Early investment can yield big dividends!!  (And, you're probably on the SKYC website because you know that investing in child's lives is important, so this isn't really 'news' to you).  But, you might be surprised at some of the other items on George's list.  Here's a link to his website if you're interested in reading more about what he has to teach us.

And, if you're like George and want to do something to help end child poverty and child hunger in Canada, please come right back here and make a donation.  We will use that donation to buy groceries, make meals, feed kids, and end child poverty in Canada.  It's about time.