Apply For Funding

Applications are always welcome.  Funding decisions are made frequently. Once your program is accepted as a partner program in Show Kids You Care's national network of programs, funds will be sent quarterly, if all reporting requirements have been satisfied.  Funding is continuous from school-year-to-school year. There is no need to reapply each year.

Cheques are not made payable to individuals.  Cheques are made payapble to registered charities.  Please contact us for further clarification if required. 

 Priorities for Support:

  • Programs that provide continuing nutrition to preschool and elementary aged children
  • Programs that are already established, operating and affiliated with a community organization (school, social service agency, church, registered charity)
  • Programs that have a significant component of volunteer labour, and local donations of cash and food
  •  Programs that require financial assistance for continuing operations costs.  Capital expenditures and start-up grants are not a priority for Show Kids You Care
  • Programs must have access to email and the internet

Application Requirements:

Incomplete applications will not be considered, please make sure to include:

  • Budget Summary (email this to
  • Menu (email this to
  • Charitable Registration number associated with the program.  If a charitable registration number is not available, please apply for funding.  We will contact you to discuss alternate arrangements.


Once you have submitted your application, your budget, and your sample menu plan, we will review your application and respond to you within one week.  Our goal is to help you serve kids living in poverty.  If there is a problem with your application, we will contact you to discuss it.  Feel free to contact us anytime.

Application for Program Partnership with SKYC

Please include who your target population is, the primary needs of your participants, how your program makes an impact in your community, etc.

Please count the average number of unique children who benefit from your program in a week. If a child attends three times a week, please only count this child once.

If you believe your program servers 'other meals' please contact us to discuss how to quantify these meals. Some of our program partners that provide milk coupons, baby formula, weekend meals, etc all use this field to report their provision of 'other meals'. We will help you determine the appropriate number of 'other meals' to report when you call us to discuss this option.

Applications for partnership in our program will not be considered without an accompanying budget.

Applications for partnership in our program will not be considered without an accompanying sample menu plan

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